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When will the patient sign the Dura Medic Disbursement form?

  1. Each department protocol is slightly different (see department specific protocols).  In the ER, the form is signed either during the admission process with the other consent forms or during discharge process.  In the Operating Room, it is signed pre-operatively with all other consent forms.  Physical Therapy, Case Management and Rehab Departments should complete the Dura Medic form as items are dispensed or ordered.
What if the patient is unable to sign the Dura Medic Disbursement sheet?
  1. The Disbursement sheet is consent for service and billing.  You should follow the policy set forth by your facility for patients who are unable to sign consent, such as for surgery, anesthesia or treatment.  Typically a facility will request that a parent, guardian or spouse sign in place of a patient that is unable to sign.

What if the Physician fails to sign the Dura Medic form?

  1. No problem, an RN can sign for the Doctor per chart or verbal order.
How much longer will it take to get supplies from Dura Medic than my regular vendor?
  1. Most supplies will arrive just as fast, or faster.  Supplies can even be shipped overnight if necessary.

How will restock or reordering change when I use an item that Dura Medic provides?

  1. For most departments the re-ordering process will be the same as what you do now.  Clinical staff will see little or no change in protocol.  Re-ordering systems are rerouted at the division level to ensure smooth operations.
If I use items provided by Dura Medic, won’t I be out of HPG contract compliance?
  1. No, you will not be out of compliance since your facility is not actually purchasing the items provided by Dura Medic.

Medicare, HIPPA and Regulatory Questions

Will Dura Medic bill our patients?
  1. Only in the event that the claim is denied due to an outstanding deductible, self pay or the patient has no coverage.  Medicare requires that a reasonable attempt be made for collection of co-pays and outstanding deductibles.  Dura Medic will forward a single Explanation of Benefits, a statement and a bill for the issued item (priced according to Medicare fee schedule). 
Are you in compliance with all HIPPA regulations and rules; do you have a Medicare number?
  1. Dura Medic is HIPPA compliant and in good standing with Medicare and Medicaid.

Regarding Patient choice, do you give our patients an alternate DME supplier choice?

  1. Every Dura Medic Disbursement has a list of alternate DME suppliers in the local area.  The vendors’ names are pulled from public domain sources, such as yellow pages or the Internet.  Your facility can add vendors by submitting names, addresses and contact numbers to the Dura Medic customer service department.
Which insurance companies are in the Dura Medic Network?
    • Dura Medic is in network or has an out of network arrangement with most major insurance companies in the US.  This is an ever-growing list and Dura Medic will act quickly to match all your facilities insurance providers. 








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